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Q: Why has the chime on my Enso Asari suddenly deteriorated?

A degradation of the sound quality is an indication that the battery is low. Please replace the two CR2032 Lithium batteries that are located underneath the battery door on the bottom of the clock. With the batteries replaced, your Enso Asari should chime clearly again.

Q: Why does the Enso Asari not function after replacing the batteries?

The type and age of the batteries greatly affects the functioning of the Enso Asari. Please ensure that you are using new batteries so that they have sufficient charge within them. Batteries also naturally lose their charge over time so older cells will not perform as well as newer ones. With the batteries removed, please use a small pin or paperclip to press the Reset button that is located within the battery compartment. You can also press the reset button with the batteries installed to clear all settings.

Q: How do I open and close the battery compartment?

The Enso Asari's battery door can be removed by pressing and sliding in the direction of the arrow on the battery door. Putting the battery door back on the clock requires some additional handling. There are two small tabs on the curved edge of the battery door that are a bit thin. When closing the battery compartment it is important that you slide the door closed as opposed to pressing it shut. The main locking tabs can be placed in the recesses in the bottom of the clock so that the door is laying flat over the batteries. Then you can gently slide the door closed to lock it.

Q: What do I do if the batter door no longer sits flush with the bottom of the clock?

We understand that the tabs can be damaged and would be happy to send you a replacement battery door free of charge. Please send us a message indicating that you would like a replacement Enso Asari battery door. Please also provide us with the color of your clock as well as your full shipping address so we can send you the battery cover.

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If you have any other product-related questions, please contact Salubrion Customer Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What different timing modes are available in the Enso Asari?

The Enso Asari's timer can be configured to countdown either a single or continuously repeated timer. The timer can display Hours and Minutes or Minutes and Seconds. A count-up stopwatch timing mode is also available.

Q: Does the clock work in both 12- and 24-hour format?

The clock can display time in either 12- or 24-hour format.

Q: Is there a backlight?

The Enso Asari's display has a dim backlight that will illuminate the screen in a dark room. Pressing the Center button will turn on the backlight for a few seconds before it is automatically turned off. Due to power limitations of the clock's batteries the backlight cannot be illuminated continuously.

Q: What type of batteries does the Enso Asari use?

The Enso Asari uses two CR2032 lithium watch batteries. They are available at any major convenience store or pharmacy.

Q: How long do the batteries in the Enso Asari last?

The Enso Asari's chime and backlight use the most power within the clock. Thus, the battery life is greatly dependent on the frequency of use for both of these functions. The Enso Asari is primarily designed for ligher usage and our customers have experienced an average battery life of around 9 months. If you would like to use the chime frequently during timers or alarms during the day we would recommend the Enso Pearl due to its stronger battery.

Q: Where is the Enso Asari manufactured?

The Enso Asari is manufactured through our partners in Southern China. We maintain our own office in Hong Kong to continuously work with our manufacturing partners, ensuring that our products are crafted with the highest quality.

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