The Salubrion Seat. Sit Comfortably.


Use in place of a traditional cushion, sitting comfortably without the need to readjust or refluff.

Sit undisturbed for deeper and longer sessions.

Free your mind from sitting pains and problems.


Use as part of your yoga practice to increase flexibility in your hips and legs.

Comfortably ease into seated poses.

Easy to carry to your studio or retreat.

floor seating

Provide occassional seating around a coffee table for chatting with friends.

Play comfortably on the floor with children without back pains.

Stack and store easily in a closet when not in use.

the salubrion story.

Charles Saiki, a retired architectural draftsman and lifelong artist, has faithfully meditated over the past thirty years in his self-built home in Hawaii. He first developed the idea of a compact meditation chair because he continuously needed to adjust his cushion, never achieving complete comfort or concentration. Working with his grandson, product designer and engineer Leighton Makoto Ige, the two merged the wisdom acquired through a lifetime of meditation and art with the latest engineering technologies to create the Salubrion Seat.

Co-designers Charles Saiki and Leighton Makoto Ige

Charles Saiki's Meditation Seat

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