The Salubrion Story

Co-Designers Leighton Makoto Ige and Charles Saiki
Co-Designers Leighton Makoto Ige
and Charles Saiki

Charles Saiki, a retired architectural draftsman and lifelong artist, has faithfully meditated over the past thirty years in his self-built home in Hawaii.

He first developed the idea of a compact meditation chair because he continuously needed to adjust his cushion, never achieving complete comfort or concentration.

He spent three years refining its form and function before he shared the design with his grandson, Leighton Makoto Ige, a product designer and engineer.

The two worked together, merging the wisdom acquired through a lifetime of meditation and art with the latest engineering technologies.

The result is the Salubrion Chair, enhancing your path to enlightenment.

The Salubrion Name

Salubrion, pronounced "sah-LOO-bree-on," is derived from the word salubrious, which is an adjective meaning "to promote health and well-being."

Salubrion is committed to creating products that are true to the origin of its name.

The Salubrion Flower

The salubrion logo is derived from an image of a sakura—the Japanese word for the cherry blossom.

A symbol of spring, the sakura represents the rebirth and cleansing of mind and body.

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